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Increase your profits, transform your products, and delight your customers with PERLab’s proprietary design framework.

Do you want a customer who values and relies on your product? When customers begin to see how your product solves their problems and provides a best-in-class experience, brand loyalty is born and profitability soars. We listen to your customers and create value by enhancing what matters most to them. With experts in product design, product development, sustainability, user experience, industrial design, Internet of Things (IoT), consumer insights, product engineering, packaging design, and manufacturing excellence, PERLab’s end-to-end capabilities can support your growth at any point in your product’s life cycle. By taking a comprehensive look at your product, our design and development consultants unlock profits at all stages of your product’s life.

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Unlocking the power of products

Brought to you by PERLab, the Future of Product summit focuses the spotlight on what’s next in the world of product innovation. Every year, the summit brings together design and operations leaders from some of the world’s most innovative product companies to challenge the status quo and re-imagine what’s next in the product ecosystem.

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Celebrating exceptional products

Celebrating exceptional products: Good ideas come and go, but truly excellent products are timeless. On May 16, we launch our inaugural Hall of Fame 2024 list of the pioneering products and industry icons that will become household names.

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Every product has a story

Each month, we deep-dive into purpose, production and sustainability, so you can learn more about the things you love.

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Products that are pure magic

With so much choice, it’s hard to know what’s worth investing in. PERLab Picks is our annual holiday gift guide: a breakdown of best-of-market innovation from the people who know.

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We help clients make products consumers love

Product Excellence and Renewal Lab (PERLab) is Kearney’s global dedicated practice for “everything product.” We help our clients make products that consumers fall in love with. Our design-driven approach to gross margin transformation offers end-to-end capabilities to support growth at every point in a product’s life cycle. Our experts in product design, product development, sustainability, user experience, industrial design, IoT, consumer insights, product engineering, packaging design, and manufacturing excellence help organizations disrupt markets and leapfrog the competition. 

With studios in Chicago, Stuttgart, Bengaluru, Hamburg, and Shanghai, PERLab has clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to private equity portfolio firms. With a team of management consultants, designers, and technologists, PERLab boasts of a global team of seasoned operators with the trifecta of expertise needed to build great products.